Poesie ed Euforie Metropolitane

P.E.M. marzo-aprile 2023

Pubblichiamo, come sul cartaceo, le poesie dei vincitori delle scorse due edizioni della “Cena poetica” presso la Corte dei Miracoli (9 marzo e 6 aprile 2023).

«Risplendere sempre, risplendere ovunque», questo direbbe Vladimir Majakovskij se gli venisse chiesto perché fare poesia.

Questa rubrica si ritiene umilmente seguace di queste volontà, condividendone lo slancio vitale e provando così a offrire uno sguardo sul mondo della poesia suburbana, che generi un’istantanea della realtà poetica cittadina raccogliendo i contenuti di quegli autori che, attraverso i loro componimenti, sentono l’urgenza di raccontarsi. Il Poeta della sera è dunque una raccolta di contenuti autoriali di prosa e poesia, selezionati tramite la votazione di una giuria popolare durante l’evento della “Cena Poetica”, un convivio che prende le mosse dalla tradizione del Poetry Slam e in cui, tramite la condivisione di vivande e di letture, ci si ricollega a una dimensione raccolta e insieme di festa. Il progetto di questa rubrica è perciò quello di dare testimonianza del passaggio e della presenza di questi momenti di poesia urbana, al fine di renderli sorgivi protagonisti della scena culturale.

Le poesie

(Per leggere la poesia, cliccare sul nome)

Gaia – Filo
accarezzarti la cresta
sfiorarti i peli
anelli d’argento
tormento d’un polso
sguardo d’aquila su me coniglio
corpo koala avvinghiato a me tiglio
un passo avanti
canti sul sentiero
e raggiungi te che piangi

La mia famiglia è metà terrona metà crucca. La nonna mi fa l’insalata d’arance, l’altra lo strudel. Mio papà ha una barba da lupo di mare, mia mamma non invecchia mai. Vado a scuola, disegno. Quando andiamo in campagna, con gli amici ci perdiamo nei campi di girasole. Il papà mi ha regalato una macchina da scrivere, una vera. Sogno un giorno di aprire una rivista.

No Title – Sofia Paoli
Ancient brown trunks bare the chest of life
They inhale like skeletons without the aim of beauty
And exhale the loss of leaves
                   as a gift to one day reach
If simplicity is the way of words, why does it elude me?

Through the wind my confidence grieves me away,
For more than something I would have nothing to say
But just like this I started to speak
Without the bound feet of Ambition's claim.

For how can I translate the language of creation?
I lack wings, symphonies of a moving bliss
I lack eyes to grasp the sight of Shade
I only see by color, by word and Absence.

Through a blank screen, I entered the Storm
Fields of soft snow like white noise trembling
When I looked again, they had become wet drops
Singing the song of what they had just been

As I gazed up to the ships of youth,
Cotton clouds sank into a deep blue
They sailed together miles ahead
                    like a wave of light falling,
Connecting the coming world with the pulse of the pendulum.

As we Swing between the strange and familiar
Often tricked by the passive and peculiar
If forced, I would choose whichever side
Pointed back to the womb before twins are split in two.

Though Time shifts to longing as we do,
United in spirit but split by faith,
Parted cells live to trade and release the spell of wholeness
Plunging into the remorse of loving both halves the same

A vortex drafts it’s own weather, relentless in vain
The fog lifted when my shower was done
But the pen in my hand still shivered in the Storm
Seeking a sound that would not be pinned down

As my Sight drowned in shattered drops
A virtual silence gave light to the inner
Fire was born, letting the ceaseless burn into form
For flames seduce perfection into revealing ruined aspects of the perfect itself

I watched the flames come in like the predators of waves,
They spit out variations of impenetrable names.
Sprouting from the poem I was trying to write
They smiled at you, who are reading, to take over the fight

A flight from flesh is endearing to the naked,
But since we are both spectator and Skin, we can play
I live, as You breathe, the expanding rage of flames
Slowly growing the same seeds it wildly devours

Like the peacock entranced by its own tail
And the river that tastes the sea inside a snail,
Emotion has deceived me at the edge of hypnosis
Drowning the very Instinct it ignites,
                then rolling away

I would not stop Shade from following my feet
Nor swallow the Light of a star collapsing
I would go dancing with Red and Yellow burning weeds
Moving in swirls from realm to tree to hell to ecstasy 

20 years of signature training through poetry.
Sofia Paoli, futura dottoressa, compositrice e cantrice italiana-indiana.
Here to capture systems through voice and anatomy.

My room – Espirito
You’re gone.
Are you?
I miss you 
but you’re still here
inside my heart
in my sorrow 
in my happy memories
it’s a soft clear 
beautiful touch 
of cloud, 
your love
your eyes 
where I wanna 
rest from 

Deep into you 
in front of me
“tú deviens moi”
“je deviens toi”
I’m on my bed
jaws pressed 
tired body
your poems on my pillow
words still, 
balancing in 
I’ve only read 
the goodbye letter
I feel amazed 
by the fact 
that we both 
feel love
I felt it
you felt it

I think about us
wondering around
enjoying endless 

I’ve promised life 
I’ll keep 
deep inside my heart 
all the teachings 
you taught me


I’m an only child
in this beautiful vast chaos

Baby elephants rest 
on my 
happy heart

This love. 
Somehow connected
with the innocence
of life
of discovering 
a new land
a new, 

You, your eyes, your hands
soft beautiful you
crazy, enthusiastic
wonderful man


a lonely star 
laughing and crying 
in the sky

Me capturing these letters,
water from an infinite lake
blooming flowers
grandpas dying
recent graduates
cars crashing
bikes riding the pavement
seagulls stealing ice cream
wine bottles uncorking
parents making love
my mom snoring
my brother playing with me
when I didn’t have
your soul,
the sky.
Your eyes
loving me,
me realizing 
how much,
I love you
me crying
cold feet
big emotions
small papers

A bird 
bringing you
this message

What is this love?
I don’t want anything from you
-ok, yes-
your funny laugh
to play
one more time
with you
super slowly
super beautifully

I wanna dance
this time
on the floor
this time
saying goodbye

tears in or 
on my eyes
prepositions don’t matter
at this point
endless Big Bang
in my heart
what’s next?
I’m not sure if I’m exploding
or imploding 
expanding or 
peace of universe

Beautiful forest in your eyes
birds chirping 
you, shaking my
I need another page,
another life.

Life can happily end now
with the certainty that I loved
I cried
I flew.

Tigers and whales singing
day and night melting itself 
in one word
It doesn’t matter anymore.

I need bigger pages 
bigger words.

Mama, I’ve found love
Mama, he’s so sweet
Mama, I’ve found love 
and he’s gone
but love stays
love never 
goes away.

Born in the South and flew to the North when I was eight years old. I was raised in between Spanish and Ecuadorian cultures. I’m learning from people, my surroundings, and nature.
Currently, I’m living in Dublin, Ireland. I graduated in Psychology. I also studied Clown and other circus arts for a few years. Then I decided to become an English teacher and move to Ireland to find adventures.